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Travel from Noida to Ajmer tempo Traveller in Noida

Ajmer! The city has a centuries long history. Said to be Ajaymeru  in ancient times, but nowadays it has become Ajmer, is the integral part of Rajasthan which tells us a prominent story of the past. Being surrounded by the Aravalli hills, it is a tranquilising experience worth visiting. The city of Ajmer prolifically houses the giant lord Brahma Ji’s temple who is believed to be the lord of all creations in Pushkar which has a huge number of followers and pilgrims visiting everyday. And it also balances the faith conveyed by the house of Moinuddin Chishti, and the tomb of Chishti is known as dargaah Sharif who is believed to be the founder of Sufism.  

Significant to the fact of each and every faith, there is a complex consisting of Jain temples and golden Jain temples as well. Renowned as one of the most famous tourist destinations, it has an influence of Rajput and Mughal architecture everywhere. 

If you’re very fond of historical facts, and have a keen interest in architecture and cultural heritages, then Ajmer is a right fit for your craving of touring across the times of past where you can reconstruct the themes of history at your fingertips. 

And yes! You can definitely click some picture-perfect moments just in case you want to share it with your friends and family. Book tempo traveller in Noida.

Ways to travel from Noida to Ajmer

There are several ways to travel from Noida to Ajmer, depending on your preferences and budget. Here are some options you may consider:

1. By Car: You can rent a cab or drive your own car from Noida to Ajmer, which takes approximately 8-9 hours to cover the distance of about 480 km. You can book tempo traveller on rent Noida.

2. By Train: There are several direct trains available from Noida to Ajmer, such as the Kota Jan Shatabdi Express, Marudhar Express, and Chetak Express. The journey takes around 8-9 hours.

3. By Bus: There are several private and state-run buses available from Noida to Ajmer. The journey takes around 11-12 hours, and the fare depends on the type of bus you choose.

4. By Flight: You can take a flight from Delhi Airport to Jaipur, which is the nearest airport to Ajmer. From Jaipur, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Ajmer, which takes around 3-4 hours in total.

Where to go in Ajmer

  1. Lord Brahma temple of Pushkar
  2. Ajmer dargah
  3. Taragarh fort, in case you want some royal looking shots in ethnic costumes
  4. Pushkar lake, the scenic beauty will take your heart forever
  5. Varaha temple
  6. Anasagar lake
  7. Nasiyan Jain temple
  8. Nareli Jain temple
  9. Akbar palace and museum, in case you’re in a search for the historical figures
  10. Rangji temple dedicated to lord Krishna
  11. Prithviraj smarak
  12. Durga bagh gardens for a lush green and appealing beauty… and many more.
noida to ajmer tempo traveller on rent

Things to do in Ajmer

  1. Camel fair/Safari amidst jungles
  2. Adventure camps/ camping nights and bonfires
  3. Photography adventures/photoshoots
  4. Shopping spree on the local streets for souvenirs like handicrafts, decoratives, Rajasthani fabrics etc
  5. Breathtaking sightseeing on the Nature spots and the forts
  6. Brassware, phad painting and ornaments shopping from certain famous and old shops
  7. Museum visits
  8. Boating in the lakes, etc…..

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if you are choosing our service for only dropping then we will give you a more discounted price.

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